Who We Are

Our gym has one primary focus – community. We believe that personal health and fitness connect people, friends and family. Our mission is to serve our community. We believe we can best provide this service through the health of its members. We strive to be a fitness resource for anyone and everyone who has fitness goals – or simply just want to feel better about themselves. So, whether that’s just to lose a few pounds, fitting into that new spring dress or the upcoming body building competition, we’re here for you.

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Our Fitness Philosophy

At Universal Pro Gym, members choose their experience. What fitness means to one, completely changes for another, and it’s more than health—it’s a lifestyle. Many gyms like to glaze over this fact, but fitness is a very personal choice, and there’s no “right” way to achieve it. We all have different goals and our intention is to provide a universal, fitness environment that allows you to choose; and if you’re not ready to make that choice, our staff’s ready to guide you to it. From cross-fit to Pilates, power lifting to yoga, our gym is home to all.

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